The Independent Publisher Book Awards (the IPPYs) have recognized the incredible work of our designer, Mike “Sully” Sullivan of Three Speed Creative, by awarding Umijoo the Bronze Medal in their design category! This is a real honor for Sully and for the rest of the Umijoo team, we are very excited!

From the beginning, we as a team were determined to make the cover of Umijoo something special. We knew that we were producing a book that would need to compete with iPads and other technology for a child’s attention. As such, we decided to make the cover as engrossing as possible, with both visual and tactile touches that were designed to pull the reader into the story. Everything from the text placement to the feel of the finish and the depth of the embossing was very carefully engineered. We are so happy that our efforts are paying off, and that people enjoy the experience of not only reading Umijoo, but of simply picking it up and holding it. Thank you to the IPPY team for the recognition, we appreciate it very much!

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