The time is finally upon us… The Umijoo Book has made its way to pre-press and we are EXCITED!!

20 original paintings created to illustrate the Umijoo story have been completed and the book is ready for pre-sale!!

The book can be pre-ordered directly from the Indiegogo campaign. Additionally, one can avail themselves not only to pre-order the Umijoo Book as well as some of the cool prints and accessories which come with the pre-sale launch, but the original artwork which illustrates the story!

Yup! everyone gets the opportunity to obtain ORIGINAL ARTWORK. If you’ve ever wanted  an original piece, now is a fantastic time to purchase it!

We all might not buy original artwork, but  there are also some cool deals which are on offer like Limited Edition archival-quality prints of the paintings as well as cool items like Okatako’s Journal; crafted from sustainable Minnesota pine wood and re-usable neoprene lunch bags loaded with cool stuff bearing Umijoo artwork… and much more!!

These make excellent Christmas gifts for anyone; particularly ocean lovers, fans of Caia’s artwork and anyone who enjoys cool stuff which was created with passion and a determination to educate us all of the pressures our oceans, and sealife within, are facing.

Be aware that the book won’t be ready to ship until approximately February 2019, but all the original artwork, prints and fun stuff will ship before the holidays to be wrapped for placement under the tree.

Head over to Umijoo’s Indiegogo campaign and grab a book for you or a friend!


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